субота, 26 грудня 2015 р.

2015, Christmas cards exchange around Europe

Project details:
The pupils make cards, write their wishes both in English and their mother tongue and send them to other e-friends around Europe. When the cards are selected, they decorate the school and after Christmas they are distributed to students participating in the exchange.

Subjects: Art, Foreign Languages, Technology
Languages: EN - HR
Pupil's age: 10 - 11
Tools to be used: e-mail, Forum, Project Diary, Twinspace, Web publishing

The students will use  English language to express wishes and so they practise the foreign language in real-life situations. Moreover, they will be exposed to different languages as the wishes will be also written on the individual students' mother tongues.( cross- cutural dimension)

Work process:
The students wiil make the cards, then they will write their wishes and they will send them by post. Students who receive the cards can use them to decorate their schools and can upload photos on the twinspace. Communocation between partners can be established through the forum.

Expected results: Photos of the cards can be uploaded on the Twinspace.

Project partners (27 schools):

Anna Komarova

Aynur Özen


Dimitra Athanasakopoulou


Elena Perta

Enise Ulu Çoğalan


Irena Mančić

Iwona Galazka

Joanna Gościnna

Khrystyna Bilous

Margareta Cercelaru

Marina Svečko

monica cecilia paduraru

Natalia Tuhai

Osman NAR

panagiotis christoylakis

Pilar Garrido Díaz

Raquel Expósito Lozano


Ronny Rafalski

Sandra Kraljik

Sevasti Milona

sibel doğan

Songül DAĞLI

zeliha çiçek

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